I’m Vanguard

El viernes 8 de julio empiezan las sesiones “I´m Vanguard” exclusivamente reservadas para sus residentes en Vanguard Barcelona. Un sonido muy personal dentro del Cabaret Berlín que dará mucho que hablar…

Ven y conoce cual es el sonido de este nuevo proyecto en Barcelona.

Desde este mismo viernes contaremos con una nueva incorporación en cabina: Welcome Mr. Gersound

Os invitamos a ser partícipes de una nueva era.


Gersound is the name of the versatile artist. He is one of the most talented artists of the current Spanish and European electronic music scene. As a DJ, known for being bold, and have an unsurpassed technical, eclectic and innovative, always look ahead, but takes full account of this.

It is not just a DJ, has the Mood Electronic booking, parties that are creating a sensation in Barcelona, and Europe.

Sugerence Recordings record label which is expected the best for this year.
His publications for other labels as Usual Usual Phonema and Recording (vinyl editions)) were a hit on the dance floor.
Gersound out to interact with artists such as Thierevery Corporation, Richie Hawtin, Sven Väth, Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Laurent Garnier, Carl Cox, Loco Dice, DJ Hell, Marco Carola, Alter Ego, Jeff Mill, Alexessander Kowalski, Francois K, James Holden, Umek, Oscar Mulero, Aril Brika, David Homes, Mathew Jonshon, Howe B, Nathan Fake, Sidereal, Derrdritteraum, Dave Clak, Vitalic, Octave One, Chirstian Smtih, Felix, Plaid, Superdiscount, Heike, Laoux, Pascal Feos, FelixDaHouseCaT, Aux 88, and the whole panorama of sound current international system of house and techno.

Spent two years touring Europe. And performing at the festival with more name as deset Monegros festival, Fib .. among many others ..

In the shorter the musical legacy that will give Recordings Sugerence good account of the physical and emotional integral transmission .. Complete to the dance floor.




Apuntate en lista de Jordi Reche, entrada 10€ con consumición antes de la 02.00h

15€ con consumición después de la 02.00h

VIP: 4 entradas + mesa + botella = 100€

Privée, Reservas, Info 668 808 712



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